About Us

I am convinced that God… gave men the land and the air to enjoy.

And now also the wings to fly.
Charles Lindbergh

Cristina Coderoni

General Manager

“Having obtained partnership agreements with major national and international air carriers I have achieved important results in terms of Companyʼs presence in the GSA and Air Cargo.

I believe in leadership motivated by intellectual honesty towards employees, partners and customers.

My profession requires a great commitment in terms of management ability and a constant adaptation to business innovation and change.”

Our Company

Air Cargo IAS is one of the major player in the air freight market and today it’s a point of reference on several international and intercontinental routes.

We are authorized by ENAC for whole handling and stacking process and our staff attend training classes on a regular basis. Our Security Managers and our Security Officers obtain periodic updating certifications on cargo safety checks.

The most important added value for our company are partnership with major Airlines and thanks to a consolidated network of relationships Air Cargo IAS is able to offer goods handling services at the highest levels of quality, safety and efficiency.